Our services include

Strategy & Planning
Creative & Implementation
Strategy Execution
PR & Communications
Review & Reporting

What sets us apart from the others?  What are the benefits
of outsourcing your administration function to us?

The most effective Committees, Boards and Councils are those which have an efficient, well-run administration.

If you run a group with strategic responsibilities in the private, public or third sector you will know that sometimes administration can slow you down or even become a burden.

We understand the division between strategic and operational activities. In removing the burden of administration activity, we free up professionals and key individuals to use their knowledge, skills and creativity to fulfil your strategic priorities.

Some of the functions we currently offer:

  • Company Secretarial audit and maintenance
  • Executive Secretarial duties such as coordination of meetings, including board packs, minute taking and follow up
  • Website development and management
  • Creation and maintenance of central email address for the committee/body/charity
  • Central storage of documents on cloud-based system
  • Management of membership list including annual invoicing
  • Bookkeeping and accounting preparation
  • Bank account and expense management
  • Sponsorship and fundraising arrangements including approaches, documentation and receipt collection
  • Income and expenditure foresight
  • Financial management (future proofing costs vs expenses)
  • Technical work in relation to policies and procedures
  • Marketing strategy and campaign management (including creation and management of member database/s and feedback/satisfaction surveys)
  • Newsletter/Mailshot preparation and dissemination
  • Event management (from intimate seminars to large social events)

Our clients are predominantly finance based and this gives us a higher than expected level of corporate governance awareness. The increasing trend of accountability and data security means that all organisations no matter their sector, now have to operate at an enhanced level of governance and our expertise and skills transfer easily to the charitable sector as well as public and private organisations.

We believe we are the only organisation in the Channel Islands offering a full suite of services to committees, reducing time spent and improving efficiencies without having the responsibility of a direct employee.
We have an excellent track record in high quality client services.

Please contact us today if you have a project in mind or need administrative support board or committee, freeing up your valuable time to deliver your aims.

Strategy & Planning

A Marketing strategy can form the basis of the business vision. Once you know your message then you can start planning the way to achieve your vision.

We can help you to create your Marketing plan: from drafting the plan for you, according to your brief, or pulling together ideas from a joint brainstorming session for your approval. We can also refresh an existing plan and realign this to your current business vision with some future proofing ideas.

Creative & Implementation

We conduct all creative thinking, planning and strategic work in-house, outsourcing to cost efficient external specialists for production.

Once you are happy with your plan, we help you prepare the groundwork, such as finding the various marketing systems and populating these with relevant data, finding service providers to assist with production work and undertaking research work to ensure that the plan we have helped you to formulate will work in its execution.


Strategy Execution

The execution of the task is to bring it to its completion, but as marketing is an organic component of your business it is an integral part of your business development.

Having put in place the preparations, we will then roll out the plans such as copywriting of press releases, marketing brochures, creating and sending bulk communications, proofreading and formatting your internal documents, creating templates for your stationery. In addition, we are skilled event organisers and market researchers.

PR & Communications

Communicating a clear message is often the most difficult thing to define in a confused and often oversubscribed business sector or geographical area.

Our network of media contacts means that we can assist you with getting your message out with clarity, dealing with your public relations when your business has a story to tell. Our excellent copywriting skills enable us to create communications for you that cover website text, advertorials, newsletters and more, including social media.

Review & Reporting

We will let you know via regular and open communication what we are doing and report any feedback that we have received and deliver to you reporting that we have from the systems that we use.

We can ensure that the systems we put in place record open and click through rates, as well as visits to website pages and you can match that with the uptake in business and client work. We can set you up your own dedicated secure cloud account so that you can access the work which we create and prepare for you.

We conduct regular review processes and appointment of service providers as well as frequent communication with you via email/telephone and face to face meetings.

Reporting is always provided in an agreed and an acceptable format to you.